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Let’s be real.

Dating today as a man isn’t easy.

Women are ghosting men left and right. One day you think she likes you, she’s making all these future plans with you, and all of the sudden without any warning, she stops responding to your texts entirely and tells you the b.s. line “I’m just not ready to date right now.”

As for dating apps, they’re a disaster. 90% of the women on there you don’t find attractive. The other 10%? They never match with you. And when you do match with someone you like, she never responds to your message.

It’s rough out there for a guy.

It’s clear men desire high-quality women. One-night stands are cool but a lot of guys just want a high value woman he can live happily ever after with.

And there’s no magical pick-up line out there that will do the trick.

To actually get the kinds of women you desire, you need to be on your "A" game when it comes to your style, dating game, communication skills, and self-improvement.

This is exactly why I'm here.

Expect uncensored raw advice when it comes to women, relationships, and dating.

But first, who am I?

I’m Kamilla.

I'm a men's dating coach with over 300,000 social media followers and 25,000+ email subscribers. I’ve coached hundreds of men from all over the world and guided them from self-help to talking to women to leveling up their texting game.

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