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Updated on April 01, 2022
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Standard font (standard-size, recommended for general use)

Heading 1 (title-size, and already applied to the title, so not recommended here)

Heading 2 - 5 (mid-size, recommended for emphasis or topic headers)

Heading 6 (caption, this has been specially formatted to fit under an image as a caption)

Quotation (formatted with a vertical bar on the left side)

Bold accents and itallic emphasis.

  • Bullet points are available
  1. As well as numbers

Use a markup line break "<br>" to exceed the default spacing size between paragraphs. Hitting the enter key multiple times will not exceed the default spacing size between paragraphs.

It's recommended to use multiple headings, so "Heading 2-5" will appear the same size. This provides formatting consistency while allowing you to use multiple headings.

Images can be inserted as well, click the plus button.

This text will display if there is an image loading error.

Captions are available as "Heading 6" size font.

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