Can you get a hot girlfriend while being broke and fat?

Can you get a hot girlfriend while being broke and fat?
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Getting a hot girlfriend while super fat and totally broke? Is it even possible?

Is it possible to get a hot girlfriend while being broke and fat? Sure. It’s also possible to get struck by lightning twice. You have to remember that if you’re deficient in one area, you need to be strong in another.

So if you’re out of shape badly, you’ll need to either have money or have an amazing personality. If you’re broke, you need to have great charisma and be good looking. When you have absolutely nothing going for you, forget about getting a hot girlfriend. Ugly chicks won’t even look your way. Maybe you’ll land yourself an obese woman with a bunch of kids from other men if you’re lucky, but even then, who knows.

Let’s get into how you can get a girlfriend while being broke and fat, and what to do to improve your life if that’s the current state you’re in.

Getting a girl while broke and fat

You’ll be in a serious uphill battle if you have no money and you’re in terrible shape. The only solution? Your face has to look good and you need to have serious charisma.

What does it mean to have a good face? You want to moisturize and have great looking skin. Clean white teeth are also a must. Lastly, you’ll want a solid haircut that fits your face well. None of this is an excuse that you should settle with how you look though. I’m just spitballing ideas on what you can possibly do to attract a hot girlfriend.

So if you’re broke and fat, you need to maximize how you look from the neck up. Fix your acne, get a stylish haircut that matches well with your big fat head, and get those teeth looking good.

And then there’s the personality. You need to have rizz. You must have a sense of humor, be confident, and know how to read the room. Combining a solid personality while looking good in the face is your only chance of attracting a hot girlfriend.

But now let’s talk about real solutions on how to stop being broke and fat.

How to stop being broke

Your bank account will always play a role in life. You must be in a financial position where going on dates doesn't give you anxiety.

If you have a good career already, continue trying to move up in your field. Get promotions, aim for higher paying clients, apply to big firms.

If your career is just okay, you must learn a side hustle. Learn how to sell a service like Facebook ads or if you have an interest in something you really like that others love as well, learn how to build your own email list and look into how that list can be monetized.

Let’s say you have a dead end job with low pay - a job you’re probably too embarrassed to tell people about. You definitely need to build your side hustle up and probably do a bunch of random side jobs.

Dog sit, do uber eats, etc. Do this if money is really tight. But this can’t be your career for the next 30-40 years of your life. If the side hustle route isn’t for you, then work on getting a degree in accounting or nursing where there’s plenty of jobs.

How to stop being fat

I’m not a personal trainer and there’s tons of programs out there to help you lose weight. But here’s some quick tips that will likely help you:

Avoid crash diets and extreme volume workouts (lifting 3x per day).

Commit to a workout routine that you can do consistently and to a diet you can stick to.

You need to be lifting weights/doing bodyweight exercises at least 3x per week.

You should also incorporate fasting into your diet.

Intermittent fasting should be a part of your lifestyle. It helps limit the total amount of calories you consume. Alternate day fasting is another great option.

It definitely helps to cook your own meals. There tends to be less sodium when you make your own food and the ingredients are healthier.

As far as how many calories you need to consume, there’s a bunch of calculators on the internet. But in general, you probably want to be at a 500 calorie deficit per day. That will result in weight loss of one pound per week.

In one year, you would have lost around 50 pounds which is a massive transformation for most men.

Bottom line - find a program that you can actually stick to and don’t be lazy.


Being broke and fat should not be your default mode. You have to get out of that hole you’re in. Do everything you can to get into decent shape and find financial stability.

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