How Knowing How To Not Get Fired Can Help You With Dating

How Knowing How To Not Get Fired Can Help You With Dating
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Learned how to not get fired? Congrats, your dating life just leveled up.

When it comes to work, there’s a vast amount of skills you can learn during your 9-5. Creating sick looking Excel spreadsheets, knowing how to build databases using Microsoft Access, communicating by the water-cooler, and so on.

But what about the delicate art of not getting fired? First off, how do you avoid getting fired in the first place? We’ll cover that in a second. And what about the skills of not getting fired - can they be converted into dating? Of course. Once you know how to stay employed at your job, you can pass this knowledge to other parts of your life including dating.

Let’s first dive into how not to get fired.

How To Not Get Fired

To explain the strategies needed for staying employed, I have to relay a story to you:

My friend told me about a round of layoffs he had at his corporate job. This was the 2nd round in 12 months. He has somehow managed to survive both waves of possible unemployment.

How did he do it? Let’s go over a disclaimer first. He isn’t some high performer. He does just enough to get by at work. He doesn’t want to be at the bottom when it comes to production but he doesn’t try to be at the top either. He did mention a few of his peers in similar positions with likely the same level of production as him were let go.

​Why wasn’t he?

​Although the company is definitely looking at stats and metrics when deciding who they should let go, managerial discretion is taken into account too.

​What does my friend do to get by?

​​Lesson #1: Showing up early and leaving late.

He figured out what time his boss likes to come in and when he likes to leave.​ My friend makes sure to be at his desk looking busy when the boss walks in. He also waits about 20 minutes to leave after his boss leaves. Giving the appearance of always being around creates a solid impression.

Lesson #2: Looking busy during weird hours

​The second thing he does is he logs into the computer every Sunday for about 30 minutes. He sends a few emails and makes a few notes into the system. The network he’s on tracks these things. So when a higher up logs in to see employee activity for the week, they’re seeing this dude is active during the week and the weekend.

Lesson #3: Be a people person

​The third thing my friend does is greet his manager in person. And when he has a really good question or sees a good opportunity to ask for direct feedback from his boss in a private meeting, he does so. Again, this is him being present. Showing activity. And in this case, this is high quality activity when you’re asking your boss something smart.

​Lesson #4: People need to see you

Finally, my friend has cut back on how much he works from home.​ Most people show up to his office once every two weeks. He makes it a point to come in at least 2 days per week – specifically on days when he knows his manager will be there.

​What is the commonality with what this guy is doing?

Everything he’s doing is all about being seen.​ He has created a facade where he’s seen as an  active and integral part of the company. His manager knows he exists. Sure, his numbers aren’t perfect. But the manager knows this guy is working and is almost always around.

​When the next round of layoffs start again and they’re deciding who to let go – my friend or the other guy who works from home 5 days per week and is never around in person – they’re firing the guy who lacks presence. Although their stats are similar, it’s the manager's discretion that is saving my friend's job.

​Being present and around is so important in life.​ Now, you’re not here for job advice. You’re here to get women. So how does this apply to dating?

How To Use The Skills of Not Getting Fired To Get More Dates

​First, you want to be present when it comes to outings with friends.

​Parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Church events, Temple events, celebrations at your Mosque – go to all of them. Be everywhere as often as possible.

Maybe a woman will be there who’s checking you out that you can approach. Or maybe a friend will be there who you haven’t seen in a while. He’ll invite you out to meet his new group of friends. You never know what opportunities will come about.

Obviously when going out and being present, you want to look presentable. So dress well, be groomed, and look like you have your life in order.

​You also want to be talking to as many women as possible at once. With dating comes a lot of rejection. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

​Just because you had a great first date with Suzy last night does not mean she actually likes you. She can easily ghost you in the next 24 hours for some dumb reason and you’ll never know what you did wrong.

​Example: A client of mine told me about a date he went on years ago. This was the first date. The girl was all over him. She was super flirty too. As they were walking to get a cab, they were passing by different restaurants. “Omg, we should go here for our 2nd date. And over there for our 3rd date” she said. My client thought holy sh*t, this girl really likes me. I have all these future dates secured. Literally the next day, she texts him saying she’s not looking to date right now and ended it right there with him.

That’s why you must diversify your attention. Talk to as many girls as you can, always keep prospecting, and keep your options open. And invite these girls out to meet you with a follow up.

And when you communicate with women, do not be thirsty.

Don’t do the following when texting a girl:

​Monday - “Hey. Miss you. You free tonight?”

​Monday night – “Hey…haven’t heard back from you. Busy tonight?”

​Tuesday morning – “Hello? Anyone there??? LOL kidding but I want to see you soon.”

This is way too much following up + creepiness. You must give women space. You can never show desperation.

​Do this instead:

​Monday – “Hey. Got any plans this weekend?”

(No response from her)

Thursday – “Saw a new Italian place open up on Park Street. Might go there this weekend. Let me know if you’re down to go.”

​That’s it. That’s all you need to do. She may have missed your first text. Women are busy, they’re at the gym, they’re at work, and they forget your text appeared. So what should you do? Send a follow up text.

And that’s exactly what you did on Thursday. It was a solid follow up text without a hint of desperation.  Did you show interest? Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it was a tame follow up. And if that message doesn’t get her attention, move on to the next girl.

​Bottom line – be present and communicate properly. That's the only way you'll maximize your chances of meeting women and getting them interested in you.

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