How To Become Instantly More Attractive Before a Date (Seven Tips Included)

September 20, 2023
How To Become Instantly More Attractive Before a Date (Seven Tips Included)
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You only get one chance to make a first impression.

You may never see her again to show a better version of yourself.

This may be a girl you’ve been crushing on for a while, someone you just met on a dating app, or a woman you’re trying to get out of the friend zone.

Whatever the case is, it’s crucial you try your best.

You never know how the night will go. The date can be a flop, or this might be your next girlfriend or the love of your life.

You don’t want to be hating yourself the next day and wish you prepared better.

There is no getting this day back. Don’t blow it because you’re lazy or you’re not that into her from her online photos. It’s hard to gauge who a person is behind a screen. In person, she can be super hot, smart, and so your type.

That's why you need to maximize your attraction before dates because you just never know who you will meet. Don’t wing it. If you have a date coming up, approach it strategically and bring your "A" game.

The following are some things you can do that will make you look better.

Seven Ways To Become Instantly More Attractive Before a Date

1) Exfoliate

Exfoliating the night before or a few hours before the date can add an instant glow to your face.

Your skin will look healthier and refreshed.

Use an exfoliating scrub or sponge, and run it against your face in a circular motion. This process removes the dead skin and dirt from your face.  You’ll notice your skin feels a bit raw and has a glow to it now.

It’s risky to exfoliate for the first time ever right before the date. As with all products, you just never know the reaction you may have. You don’t want to show up to the date with a tomato face or with blisters.

As with anything new, it’s better to experiment days ahead before the date, or the best practice is to get into the habit of exfoliating once or twice a week as part of your skin care routine.

2) Teeth Whitening Touch Up

Women look at your teeth. Really, everyone does. If your teeth are terribly stained, she won’t be able to picture herself kissing you. And, if she can’t kiss you, how can she sleep with you?

Teeth are one of the most important facets to pay attention to when you’re trying to convey a positive image of yourself to women and the world.

Three days prior and daily after including the day of the date itself, use a charcoal or whitening gel on your teeth. If you have been smoking, drinking soda, wine, and coffee for decades, this won’t make a huge difference but every small improvement helps.

The sooner you start, the better. The best practice is to do a whitening touch up every 3-6 months. This way, you’re always date ready. You don’t have to panic and scramble at the last minute.

Once you whiten, you need to maintain it. Consider drinking coffee/tea from a straw to avoid further staining.  Who cares if this looks silly or girly? Remember, you make the rules.

3) Breath Touch Up

Sometimes people have terrible breath and they have no idea. They are completely clueless. To be certain that all is good in this area, the night of the date - brush your teeth and tongue. Use mouthwash after.

You want your breath to be immaculate. Take a travel size mouthwash with you on the date.  After dinner, go to the bathroom and use it. You don't want to be kissing her with sushi breath.

Another required check up is for any food stuck between your teeth. This happens often, to some more than others. A chunk of spinach stuck in your tooth can kill the entire vibe. Sounds dramatic but it's reality – she won’t be able to look at you the same after this.

On the first date, your objective is to present positive vibes only.

It’s impractical to run to the bathroom to check your teeth after every bite. So, instead as you’re eating, subtly feel your tongue against your teeth. To be safe, don’t laugh too hard exposing a full view of your teeth until you know you’re in the clear. In the middle of dinner, take a restroom break to get a good look in the mirror.

If possible, avoid leafy vegetables like ordering a salad or steamed spinach on the side. On sushi dates, this tends to happen with seaweed salad and miso soup. If you’re having steak, having spinach or salad on the side is risky. Opt for mashed potatoes or fries.

4) Moisturize

You should be moisturizing daily. I’m sure you want to look your best well into your 50’s, 60’s, 70s, and so on. Brushing off this practice as “girly” is silly and a self-damaging. No, a bar of soap and water is not enough.

For best results for years to come, you need to hydrate your face with serums and moisturizers. Skin care products are marketed towards women not because only women can use them or need it.

They are geared to women because we are under constant social pressure to look a certain way and companies exploit our insecurities to make money.

But, why should you walk around with dry and flaky skin because of a one-sided market outreach? Be smart - hydrate your face daily.

Let’s say you’re new to moisturizing and you want to look your best for a date or special occasion. In this case, moisturize in the morning and night before your date for at least four days, especially if you have dry skin. The goal is to display health and self-care on the date.

So, what kind of moisturizer should you be using? It depending on your skin type (dry, oily combination). To start, you can get a basic moisturizer and later target problem skin areas you get more advanced with your skincare routine.

5) Nails

You won’t hear a woman say “wow, nice manicure! Who does your nails?” You are not a girl. But women notice and appreciate well maintained nails in silence.

Should you get a manicure before the first date? That would be nice but it’s not required. Manicures are not a womanly thing to do. I am not telling you to paint your nails red. But it shows you take care of yourself and this automatically increases your value in her eyes.

Let’s say you don’t want to get a manicure because you don’t have time or you’re just not comfortable. At least cut your own nails at a minimum. But, if you do have time and want a new experience, opt for the nail salon. If you tend to bite your nails then going for a regular manicure can stop this habit for good. It will give you something to look forward to every other week.

6) Avoid Salty and Heavy food

You don’t want to show up to the date with your face bloated and swollen. Not just your face - but your waist too. For many men (and people in general) this is the norm. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Your face is not naturally puffy.  The bags under your eyes are not a hereditary issue. These are areas that can be improved and completely eradicated with a better diet.

Scarfing down a bowl from Chipotle with a side of chips & guacamole the night before the date is a terrible idea. You’ll wake up feeling like a balloon with your face inflamed from the heavy dose of sodium.

You may think going to the gym is enough to balance out these bad diet decisions but it’s not. A cleaner diet is always recommended.

PSA: You can work out and still have a double chin and a puffy face.

To maximize your attraction before the date and reduce the swelling in your face, clean up your diet.  At least 48 hours prior to the date, go easy on salty or greasy foods. My recommendation is to avoid salt altogether. Eat wholefoods - salads, green smoothies, baked potato, etc. You can also do a water fast with a sweaty workout to really drop 3-5 pounds.

Last thing you need is to retain too much water and your pants or shirt fit too tight.  When clothes don’t fit right, your feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness are increased. A mild detox prior to the date will give you more energy, you’ll look better in your clothing, and you’ll radiate a more positive, clean, and refreshed you.

7) The Outfit

Make sure you know what you are wearing ahead of time. If your outfit needs to be dry cleaned, have it ready 2-3 days prior.  Try on the outfit after the dry clean to confirm it hasn’t been damaged.

The last thing you want to do is realize the dry cleaner messed up your clothes...and now you open your closet the night of the date, and the only clean clothes you have are all unflattering (jeans that have shrunk or shirts that are stained or missing buttons).

If it’s been a while since you've been on a date and have no suitable clothes, go shopping. Buy a few well fitted T-shirts and crewnecks. You don’t need a fancy ensemble. Buy clothes that can be recycled for other important occasions.

Baggy clothes are out. Do not wear baggy jeans or baggy shirts on a date. They are simply not flattering and make you look chaotic. This does not mean to wear super tight shirts with your love handles on full display.

And no logos. Stay away from logos. Something small is okay but a logo plastered across your chest or back is too much. Opt in for classic, solid colors with as much minimalism as possible. Also, make sure to tailor your pants. It’s only $15 and it makes your jeans/chinos look 10x better.

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