How to look more masculine

February 1, 2024
How to look more masculine
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Nine Easy Ways To Look More Masculine

Look around these days and you’ll notice the air of masculinity is just not quite there. Apple watches are great and so are skinny jeans, yet they don’t exactly scream “Look at me, I’m a man!” when someone is rocking these items. In an age of sensitivity and excess femininity, looking more masculine will give you the edge with women and within your network.

When it comes to looking more masculine, not only does your physical appearance matter, but how you present yourself also comes into play. You want to appear intelligent, in control of your life, and show that you can be an authority figure without trying. Let’s break down how to look more masculine

Fix your posture

There’s nothing more unappealing than seeing a guy with a hunched over back (because of laziness, not medical reasons) with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Life is hard but it’s not THAT hard. Stick your chest out and show some pride in your body language.

Looking defeated is not arousing to women. Body language is directly linked to confidence. If your body is screaming low self-esteem, then a woman won’t feel safe or protected with you, one of many desires they seek out.

Have an adult haircut

Haircuts are not meant to express yourself. You’re a grown masculine man. Express yourself with your words. Your hair is meant to convey you’re mature, have your life together, and can provide a woman security.

Opt in for traditional mature hairstyles. This would include shaving your head completely, the caesar cut, crew cut, slick back, and classic side part. Don’t try to get the same haircut as teenagers.

Properly groom yourself

Looking like absolute sh*t everywhere you go isn’t manly. You’ll ruin the vibe when your grooming is way off. Masculinity is all about conveying order.

If your facial hair, haircut, and nails are on point, people will feel at ease in your presence. You do not come off as an authority when you look like a mess.

At a minimum, you should be getting a haircut every 2-3 weeks, cutting your nails every other day, and definitely making sure your toenails are trimmed if you’re going to be in a place where you expect to be barefoot (pool party, yoga class, etc.)

Dress like an adult

Stick to classic timeless outfit choices: fitted jeans and pants, crew neck sweaters, t-shirts without large logos and a bunch of graphics on it. The whole streetwear style makes you look like a 12 year old boy.

Being overly dressed when the occasion doesn’t call for it is also strange. Wearing a blazer to your friend's house to watch a football game is odd. Have common sense with your fashion. Again, masculinity is all about conveying authority, intelligence, and leadership. Dress correctly.

Talk like a real man

“You guys saw the new Pokemon release?”

“Wings. I want wings and beer. Always.”

“Omg I would die if someone bought me the new nintendo switch.”

Does any of this sound masculine to you? To me, it sounds like you’re addicted to games and junk food. You can’t picture a guy like George Clooney or The Rock saying any of this. Now I’m not saying you can’t be into this stuff and make those statements with your closest friends.

But in the presence of people you don’t know and especially women, steer clear of this kind of talk. A masculine man isn’t really into all of these stimulants and low quality food. And yes, wings and beer don't exactly scream masculinity. What I picture is being bloated, filled with sodium, carrying extra water weight, as you sip down a pint of estrogen.

Live a life of purpose

Being home all day, doing nothing, scrolling mindlessly through Twitter/Facebook, and getting into internet beefs isn’t masculine.

A real man has a life. He’s lifting weights 3-5x per week, going to a fitness/combat sports class, hanging out with friends, focusing on his money, meeting women, and staying busy. You need to be making moves and being productive most of the day.

Act like an adult

Temper tantrums, gossiping, blaming others, taking zero accountability, and gaslighting others. Is this masculine behavior? No.

As an authority figure, you need to be showing maturity and leadership. When sh*t hits the fan, this is where true colors are shown.A lot can be said about your character to how you react when things go bad. It doesn't mean you have to necessarily take charge, but you need to be able to read the room, know that a calm presence is needed, and never overreact.

Have manly hobbies

Pokemon cards, twitch streamers, and paying for onlyfans. Are these manly hobbies? Obviously not. They do not make you more attractive with women. In life, it’s good to have hobbies that level you up and move the needle for you. You want to be doing things that make you more useful, level up your social circle, and make you more interesting.

What are some manly hobbies?

Cigar lounges: You’ll get an opportunity to meet other men. Most guys into cigars will have their lives somewhat together. Why do I make this statement? Because cigars are not a cheap hobby; it’s not an interest for men in survival mode.

Shooting ranges: Knowing how to defend yourself, your people, and your home is an important life skill. Women find this attractive.

Carpentry: Knowing how to make a coffee table from scratch is very sexy.

Cooking: Women find nothing hotter than watching you cook a three-course meal that actually tastes good.

Money making side hustles: Your free time should really be spent on learning how to make money in life.

Fixing things: Cars, plumbing, and things around the house…if you can make it a hobby to know how to fix all of the above, that is very attractive.

Treat your surroundings with respect

There’s something very unmanly when you surround yourself in trash. Your car should not be a mess. It needs to smell good, have little to no stains, and should look orderly. Your home office and work office should also look orderly. People should not look at your desk, see piles of papers and old coffee cups, and begin to assume something is growing underneath the mess you created.

Same goes for your home and room. Everything should be organized, clean, and tidy. Your bed should be made, your bathroom should look reasonably sanitized and so on. Dirty men are not masculine men.


Being masculine is all about maturity. Throwing fits, looking like a mess, and carrying an air of chaos with you is a no-go. You want to convey a strong demeanor and peaceful presence. Men will want to imitate you and women will want to be with you when you learn the art of masculinity.

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