Men's Toxic Hobbies That Turn Women Off

June 17, 2024
Men's Toxic Hobbies That Turn Women Off
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Men's hobbies that turn women way off

Some hobbies will be neutral in a woman’s eyes, and others will absolutely turn them off. What you do for fun does play a role when it comes to attraction.

First, let’s go over some neutral hobbies that women won’t really care for but won’t be repulsed by either.

Neutral Hobbies

Playing video games a few times per week: If you’re the type who likes to put on a headset, play Call of Duty, and curse people out on the other side of the world, most women won’t hate it but won’t love it either.

If you enjoy this hobby in moderation, it likely won’t affect your relationship with a woman. Do it on your down time, and not when you should be working on important matters or spending time with a girl.

Being a musician: If you’re learning an instrument, it won’t impress most women. But again, they won't mind it. Do not expect learning how to play guitar to be the key to a better love life. Unless you’re in a band touring, knowing a few songs on your acoustic guitar won’t be a big difference maker with women.

Toxic hobbies that women hate

What are some toxic hobbies that definitely turn women off?

Gambling: Betting on a UFC match or an NBA game once in a while to make watching the sport more interesting is okay.

But betting every single day, being obsessed with the over and under, and only watching betting and gambling content will get old very quickly.

Betting this much is a huge red flag. She’ll see you as a degenerate gambler, and she’ll be right.

Women do not want to be sitting at work worried that you’re maybe taking out a home equity loan on the house to bet on a game. No one needs this type of stress and liability.

Politics: Posting online non-stop about politics and debating about it with strangers on the internet is not attractive. Especially if you get really emotional and agitated over it.

This also applies if you talk about it non-stop in person.  If people are having a friendly dinner, a normal girl will not find it amusing if you start going into a diatribe about a political disagreement.

Can a girl also be equally as passionate about politics and be into this? Yes. But someone indifferent or with low interest on the topic will not find it appealing. This is an unattractive hobby with non-political women.

Wings and beer: This goes back to sports. If you’re going out with your friends for wings and beer to watch sports multiple times per week..I’m talking 3-5 nights... this is too much.

Every other Sunday is okay. But every other night is excessive. This is also a terrible eating habit. A night of wings and beer is going to be about 3,000 calories and a lot of sodium.

Doing this multiple times in a 7-day span will result not only in rapid weight gain but also high blood pressure.

Working too much: You have a 9-5 job. Most people do. But doing extra work at home after hours and taking away time from seeing a girl isn't a good move.

If she likes you, she doesn’t want you neglecting her, especially over a 9-5 job where your salary is basically the same no matter how many extra hours you put in.

For some people, their job with a low ceiling is their hobby. They become obsessed with it.

You do not need to be doing extra things for your job. Do not go out of your way if there’s no real reward in it. Work on your own side hustle instead.

Degenerate investing: Losing money every month on crypto and options trades will not bode well with women. This is very similar to gambling.

I know guys who lose $5,000 - $10,000 every month day trading. Forget about the fact that you’re leaving yourself with less spending money every day.

There’s the opportunity cost also. That 5k you’ve been losing monthly for the last year could have doubled or tripled eventually if you just invested it in an index fund.

Money is hard to come by.  Even if you’re doing well in life now, you don’t know when that good fortune will end. You need to be somewhat frugal and responsible with your finances.

The best hobby for men

What’s a better hobby especially if you’re single right now? Mastering your communication skills with women. Knowing how to talk with women is a life changing skill.

It’s what separates boring and desperate men from those who can convey confidence and social intelligence. And I break it all down for you in my course called Conversation Academy. Go to to find out more.

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