Three Strategies To Meet More Women

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Learn How To Meet More Girls

When it comes to meeting more women, you need to create a system where you’re creating a constant inflow of leads (girls). You basically want as many women in your orbit as possible. The more girls in your phonebook, the more you can ask out. And the more women you can ask out, the higher the chance you’ll actually go on a date.

From these three strategies that I’ll talk about, not everything will apply to you or your lifestyle. In an ideal world, you should implement all three techniques to maximize your results. It’s never a bad idea to get out of your comfort zone and try a new method to meet more women. Let’s begin with strategy #1…

Social Media

Social media can be a great lead generator when it comes to meeting women.** I have an entire Instagram Guide on how to meet more girls as part of my ebook program**. What you first need to do is have an optimized profile. This would apply to Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else you have a social media profile.

You want a couple of nice photos of yourself (3-10), no embarrassing posts, and in general a normal looking profile. You want to come off as someone who has their life together.

With Facebook there are groups. With Instagram, there’s people checking in at local places. When it comes to doing outreach on social media, you want to be contacting women who are actually close to you. If you live in California, there’s no reason to DM a random girl in Japan (unless you plan on visiting soon.)

So the first thing you want to do is focus on local women. The next step is sliding into their DMs in an indirect way. If they ever post a story, have a post in a group, and so on - see if you can comment on it. You can DM them right away and say “Hey I saw that post of yours about trying out the new BBQ place downtown. How did you like it?”

That’s it. No flirting is needed. If she’s receptive to you, keep talking to her, and then ask if she wants to meet up. You can ask for her number in the first interaction online if the conversation is flowing well and going on for long enough.

To play it safe, you’d probably want to have 1-2 more conversations online before you ask if she wants to meet up. After 1-2 more convos, she’ll be more invested and the chance of rejection can drop.

Social Circles

The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll come across. When it comes to going out with friends, you want to do it often. You really have zero clue who’ll show up when you’re out with people, who you can meet at the bar while with co-workers, and who you can get introduced to.

You obviously want to look good. Dress well, be groomed, and look like you have your life together. It’s crucial you are likable, easy going, and invite-able. You must be present and around for as many invites as you can handle.

Let’s say you’re finally out and there’s a cute girl there with you. Don’t flirt but rather show genuine interest in her.

“Hey Michelle, how do you know Sarah over here?”

“Where are you from Michelle?”

“What do you do for work?”

Get her talking about herself. Everyone loves talking about themselves. Feel out the chemistry and if it’s going well, you can ask for her number, Instagram, or Facebook to keep in touch.

But let’s say your social circle is completely dead and no one knows any women. You must will your social life into existence. How? By doing more sh*t. Join a palettes class, become a regular at a hot yoga studio, find a kickboxing gym that has a good crowd, and so on. Go to 2-3 establishments consistently, start getting to know the people there, grow a friendship, and tag along when they go out or bring the idea up by saying “We should all go for a drink or do a group bowling night.” All of the sudden, you have friends, and these friends have women in their networks you could one day meet.

Cold Approaching

This one is toughest for most men but you should try and do a couple of cold approaches each week. Coming up to a girl you don’t know and starting a conversation is not easy. But it’s an important weapon to have in your arsenal.

If you see a cute girl, when in doubt, say something mundane. If she’s looking at jeans in a store you’re in, say “that’s a nice color.” If she's shopping at the supermarket staring at ice cream, say “that flavor is awesome.” Break the ice with a mundane comment. If she’s being receptive to your presence and is down to talk, try to get a conversation flowing and in the end ask for her contact info. This is easier said than done because the approach anxiety will be high for most guys - but go for it anyway. Try cold approaching a girl without the intention of getting her number. This will put you in a pressure-free state. Simply come up to her and make a positive or funny comment about the food she’s staring at in the Wegman’s you’re in. Train yourself to stop being scared when it comes to talking to women.


If you implement all three strategies, you will eventually start meeting new girls often enough. With the cold approach, you will need to conquer your approach anxiety. With building up your social circle, you will need to be an active participant in life. And with the social media strategy, you will need to put more thought into your profile and “hunt” for women you can outreach too. None of this is easy and results will not happen overnight, but stick with it and you will start seeing more women in your orbit.

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