What Dave Portnoy Can Teach You About Attraction

April 7, 2024
Dave Portnoy has gone from sloppy to attractive in the last few years. This article goes over how he did it.
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Dave Portnoy’s Attraction Secret

Most people know who Dave Portnoy is. He founded Barstool Sports. He’s a huge social media star and is super paid. Without a doubt, Portnoy has no issues getting women.

But prior to February 15, 2024, the women he attracted were likely all gold diggers who wanted him for one thing only - money and fame.

However, as of today? Hundreds of thousands of normal women will likely agree that Portnoy is the sexiest man alive. What changed?

How did Portnoy skyrocket his attraction in less than 30 days?

What did Portnoy do to become exceedingly more attractive with most women who barely paed him any attention? He adopted a dog. And there’s a lesson in all of this for you. Keep reading.

He didn’t adopt just any dog. He took home a 6 year old pitbull named Ms. Peaches. Ms. Peaches has the ultimate rags to riches story. She went from living in filth in a hoarding situation, to living the luxury life in Miami with Portnoy. Ms. Peaches has her own Instagram page where Portnoy showcases their new life together. He also created Ms. Peaches merchandise and is donating all proceeds to pitbull rescues nationwide. He’s literally saving thousands of animal lives.

Who cares that Portnoy adopted a dog? Women care. Lots of sexy, hot, normal women. I personally heard at least five women talking about him in the last two weeks. Pre-Ms. Peaches, ladies viewed Portnoy as an arrogant sports fanatic who reviewed pizza on his off days. Now, he’s viewed as Ms. Peaches’ dad.

What Portnoy is inadvertently showing to women is that he can be a great father and he’s obviously compassionate. His arrogance is actually funny now knowing how kind he can be. And girls love this.

So, what does this have to do with you? If you have a pet or you work with animals, you need to show it off. Make sure to have a bunch of photos of your dog/cat/turtle/whatever. Not just 1-2 photos, but a bunch. Post about it on social media. Mention it on your dating profiles. You will score major points doing this. But make sure your pet is groomed in the photos. You don’t want your pet looking like it’s locked up in the basement all day. Having great photos of your dog will signal you’d make a good husband/father/boyfriend.

Leveling Up Your Attraction

BUT, hold on…there’s something else Portnoy did.

Look at this before vs after picture of him. This is him back in the day:

Bloated. Sloppy. Dressed atrociously. 30%+ body fat. Hair was a mess too. He could have adopted dozens of pitbulls similar to Ms. Peaches at the time…but his luck with women would not have been nearly as good.

You can't just get a pet, make some money, and call it a day. How you look will always play a role. Portnoy went through a major transformation.

Today he’s tanned, dressed well, and not fat. A wardrobe upgrade, some sun, the gym, cleaner food, and a good barber - this is all it takes. Anyone can do this. None of this is difficult. But it does take patience, will power, and about 6-12 months of focus on yourself to stop looking like sh*t.

Looksmaxxing is key. What else are you doing with your time anyway? At a minimum, you should be hitting the gym or going for a walk each day, moisturizing 2x per day, and making gradual improvements to your wardrobe.

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