What TikTok getting banned can teach you about dating

March 16, 2024
What TikTok getting banned can teach you about dating
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TikTok getting banned can teach you two lessons on dating

In case you haven’t heard, TikTok is one step closer to being banned in the US:

The US House of Representatives has approved a bill that could make ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, either sell the company to a US based corporation, or enforce a ban of the app in the United States. Why is the US government so into banning TikTok or forcing a sale? Foreign influence campaigns.

I won’t comment on the ban but there is a life and dating lesson in all of this.

You have to diversify in life

Suppose you were a content creator and all you did was post on TikTok. Your entire following is now threatened because of this move.

What should you have done instead? You should have been posting on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube all at the same time.

But if you’re reading this, you’re probably not a creator. This rule of diversifying is still highly relevant for you. You need to be constantly diversifying your interests and actions in life.

Being boring and doing nothing all day is not an option. You cannot be predictable and set in your ways. If you want to maximize your chances in life for more success, you have to be expanding your horizons.

Going to the same bar or same gym won’t present you with new opportunities to meet women. That’s why you have to do more things.

  • Join multiple gyms or go to group fitness classes.
  • Check out night classes to learn a new language.
  • Work at a non-profit organization.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.

You need to be branching out.

Never say hi to your neighbors? Start tomorrow.

Always work from home? Try working from a coffee shop once a week.

Expose yourself to new groups of people and experiences. Not only will your chances of meeting a new girl increase, but you make yourself more interesting. You now have more to talk about with people. And being able to not be boring will make you more attractive.

Living a fulfilling life and putting yourself into different situations is one of the best ways to have more things to talk about.

“I went to eat at this Ethiopian restaurant and this one thing happened to me there…”

“I was out with friends at this comedy club, and the comedian made this comment…”

“A couple of times per month, I go to a public speaking class, and this one guy there said the following…”

Your ability to add value to a conversation increases substantially when you’re actually doing things in life besides staying home all the time.

And this TikTok ban reminds me of another lesson in dating…

Never feel completely secure in your position

I always hear about the following situation:

A guy goes out with a girl. The date is perfect. She’s laughing. She’s being flirty. She’s holding his hand. She even kisses him at the end. On top of all of that, she’s the one making plans to see him again. And less than 48 hours later, he gets a text from her.

“Hey I had a really good time but I’m not ready for a relationship right now.”

Something happened along the way that turned her off. This is a way too common scenario. Instead of thinking you got in the bag and letting down your guard completely, do the following:

You met someone? Is it going well? Don’t get comfortable. Stay on top of your game. Keep presenting yourself as a high value man, take her out, and watch what you’re saying by never oversharing or showing any desperation.It happens often that a guy says something that turns her off.

Women are fickle. Show a little too much intrigue in her and she can lose attraction for you. That’s why it’s so crucial you play it cool and never become an open book with her now matter how much affection and interest she’s showing you.

TikTok has 170,000,000 American users. With such a huge following they surely felt secure they would be a staple in the digital economy. But that’s not where this seems to be going. Security is a myth.

You can never get too comfortable in your position. Always remain vigilant with how much you’re revealing to a woman. And no matter how much security she’s subconsciously trying to show that you have, don’t believe it. She can ghost you at any second. If you want more dating and self-improvement advice, my dating newsletter is for you.

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