What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend?

January 24, 2023
What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend?
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After months of lifting at the gym, working on your game, and going on endless dates, you finally met an awesome girl. And before you knew it, she officially became your girlfriend.

But now some of that passion is dying down. You’re finding yourself struggling to make conversation. There are too many moments of silence, at restaurants, at home, and on the phone.

What’s there to even talk about at this point? You’ve accumulated 100+ hours with her. Surely, every topic has been covered. Are you now both doomed to each other’s silence until the eventual breakup?

No. There’s always something to talk about. Let’s go over all the things you can discuss with your girlfriend.

Daily newsletters + business news

There are a ton of daily newsletters focused on tech, finance, and business. Google “The Hustle” as an example.

“What if my girlfriend isn’t into tech, finance, or business?”

There are plenty of newsletters that discuss current events in fun and interesting ways. The Skimm is one example.

Anything can be interesting to talk about as long as you put a little effort into making it conversational.

Where does your girlfriend bank? Wells Fargo. Look up Wells Fargo news.

Where does your girlfriend shop? Sephora. See if there’s anything interesting going on with her favorite company, or favorite makeup brands.

What’s her favorite social media platform? TikTok. They’re always in the news. Extract information from public sources and start a conversation about it.

You can even go into metrics. Talk about the user base, ad revenue, how much time people spend on TikTok, etc. This would be a fun conversation for her.

IMDB has a list of 100 top classic movies.

Go on classic movie binge. You can have a set weekly movie night with your girlfriend going over the greatest films of all time and discussing them afterwards.

I advise you first watch the movie on your own and then explore all corners of the internet for good theories and interpretations to bring up to her afterwards. A fun engaging conversation is guaranteed.

But you don’t have to get so deep and serious. There’s nothing wrong with going through a marathon of absolute garbage films and talking about that as well. Legally Blonde, Transformers, and whatever else you can think of that is slightly cringe. Keep that content flowing so you never run out of things to talk about with her.

Netflix Series

Find a series that you and your girlfriend could both get into and watch every episode religiously. If the show has multiple seasons, that’s even better. Series like the Narcos or The Ozarks have a lot to unpack in each episode.

Or go for HBO shows like Game of Thrones (ignore the dreadful last season). Conversations, debates, and relationships are fortified because of discussions surrounding these top rated shows. Jump on the bandwagon, especially if it can spice up your convos with your girlfriend.

Talk About Her Day

If she’s busy, has a lot going on, and is involved in multiple projects where there’s multiple personalities, let her vent. The more a girl has happening in her life, the more she wants to get things off her chest.

Order some sushi, make her a drink, and let her go over her entire day with you. She’ll love having someone to talk to without any judgment.

Keyword here is judgment-free. This isn’t a time for you to be deeply critical of every move she makes. If you start protesting to her decision-making, she’s not going to want to share her day with you anymore. Even if you disagree with something she did, if the upside isn’t there to bring it up, don’t.

TikTok/Instagram Reel Videos

Short-form video content is highly addictive. You and her can easily sit on the couch and go through dozens of videos while commentating on the footage. Don’t just zip through each video and say nothing. Find a way to engage in conversation.

During your free time, if you find a good YouTube video that’ll spark a fun dialogue, share the video with her and talk about that as well.


start a business venture of create more conversation

Alex and Leila Hormozi are two business personalities who are married and have been working together for several years. If there’s one thing they have room to talk about, it’s their business ventures. Not only are they involved in a ton of businesses, they’re constantly producing massive amounts of content. What does that mean? There’s plenty for them to discuss just when it comes to their enterprise.

If you and your gf are close enough to start some kind of project together, you’ll be able to generate hours of discussion with each other. From creating social media posts to project execution, there will be enough going on that will warrant plenty of conversation.


Do research on your next vacation with her. Check out all the various destinations, look up what people are saying on YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook, and talk about local restaurants you can eat at.

You can spend hours on YouTube together watching videos about “vacationing in Thailand.”

House Hunting

This is probably more appropriate if you’re engaged/married already but if living together is a real possibility, do house searches with her.

Maybe it’s just you buying the place for yourself. Head over to Trulia or Zillow and start looking at potential homes you like while getting her input. You can talk about the room sizes, the interior design, stores and transportation nearby, etc.

Family and Friends

Gossip is generally a toxic thing to focus on so avoid it. But when it comes to family and friends, you can still be either neutral or positive when it comes to discussions about them.

Talk about their relationship statuses, their careers, milestones they’ve recently experienced, etc. You can head over to Facebook and see what new photos people you know have been posting lately and talk about that.

Now, at no point should you show signs of jealousy or feelings of inadequacy if people are flexing hard on the internet. If you think that might happen, I’d avoid doing this activity.

The Usual Suspects

In case you haven’t discussed this yet, talk about your hopes, dreams, long and short-term goals, what kind of family you want to have one day, and all the basic things a girlfriend and boyfriend talk about.

Maybe you’ve discussed your goals with her already and started seeing progress. Start a conversation about that. Keep her in the look and seek her counsel.


Being bored should be an easy issue to avoid with your girlfriend. As long as you two have chemistry, there is enough happening in both of your worlds to talk about. The key is to be active in life. If you’re on the couch all day long and opt in to do nothing with yourself, then yes, it will be hard to talk about new things with her. And chances are she might not want to be with you for long if you’re moping around all day without any curiosity or excitement.

Show energy and a desire to be an active participant in her world and your own. By having interest, you’ll easily be able to find something good to talk about with your girlfriend.

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