What Tom Brady can teach you about dating and women

June 17, 2024
Find out what Tom Brady and his divorce from Giselle Bündchen can teach you about dating and women
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What lessons can you learn from Tom Brady when it comes to dating and women?

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in history based on his career stats: 23 seasons. 7 Super Bowl wins. He’s good looking, rich, has fame, and respect from the entire world. If you go to any part of New England and speak badly about him, expect at best some screaming and at worst a minor assault.

That’s how beloved he is by his fans. And based on how he acts, he’s humble, likable, and appears to be very loyal to his friends. So the admiration is warranted. So why the hell would his wife of 13 years & 2 kids divorce him and start dating a Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu coach? When a woman decides to divorce the father of her kids, this means she is either crazy or really fed up with the guy.

Is Giselle a lunatic? In fairness to her, I don’t think so. She’s never displayed any signs of stupidity or lunacy over the many decades she’s been famous.

Tom Brady didn’t cheat on his wife. He didn’t beat her. He wasn’t an alcoholic. What was it that made marriage to Tom Brady so unbearable that Giselle filed for divorce and is dating a guy who is far less successful than Tom?

All signs point to one thing.

Loyalty.  Loyalty has different levels. There are the obvious loyalty tiers: no cheating, taking your loved one’s side in public, not disclosing secrets, etc.

What loyalty rule did Brady break?

Tom Brady's Relationship Mistake?

He chose football over his family. He chose his career over his wife and children. Tom was in a unique situation. Not everyone can be a star quarterback. It’s a once in a generation opportunity so why not milk it for everything it’s got even if it takes an effect on your family.

But Giselle obviously saw it differently. Tom opened up about the impact his career has had on his marriage during a Howard Stern interview, saying that Giselle felt he wasn’t doing his “part for the family” and “felt like I would play football all season and she would take care of the house. She wasn’t satisfied with our marriage. So I needed to make a change in that. Her point was, ‘Well, yeah, of course this works for you. It all works for you. But it doesn’t work for me.’”

Can’t Giselle just accept Tom’s amazing career for what it is and take the hit for the family while he lives out his dreams?

From Giselle’s point of view, Brady’s net worth is over $200 million and he’s played 20+ seasons. She feels like the compromise has already been made on her part and it was time for him to move on from football. He’s been confirmed as the GOAT many times. Now it’s time to be a father and a husband.

Both Tom and Giselle make good points.

The recent Netflix roast confirmed Giselle’s complaints. The jokes about the mother of his children - her ass, sex life, their divorce, him not choosing his family, etc, were problematic and understandably very hurtful to his immediate family.

Tom Brady said it himself that he regrets the Netflix roast and wouldn't do it again because it 'affected my kids'.

Tom Brady knew he was in trouble when the first joke rolled around. His face said it all.

And what did he do about it?

Nothing, he made uncomfortable faces and took a sip of his drink.

The only time Brady intervened and showed loyalty was when he got up from his seat to tell comedian Jeff Ross not to joke about Robert Kraft.

It later came out that Brady gave special instructions to Netflix that Robert Kraft’s infamous happy ending massage incident was off limits. But Giselle and his family had no limits.

Here’s what Tom Brady can teach you about women

Certain sacrifices have to be made to make marriages and relationships work.

“I met this girl on a dating app a few weeks ago and she’s already complaining about my friends. What do I do? Do I tell my friends off?”

In this case, you dump her. Who is this stranger complaining about your friends you’ve had all your life. Loyalty and sacrifice is unnecessary with women who haven’t earned it yet.

But Giselle?

Well she’s the mother of Tom’s kids. They’ve been married for over a decade. That’s a different story. Loyalty matters then. As a man, you’ve got to have loyalty to people that matter. Loyalty is one of the sexiest traits a man can have. And sometimes you have to announce your loyalty.

Robert Kraft got the loyal royal treatment at the roast. He must have felt like a billion bucks. He will remember this act of loyalty from Brady forever.

But Brady didn’t exactly show any loyalty to his family and in my opinion that lowered his stock with women who were watching. Lack of loyalty is one of those deal breakers that women can’t overlook. And having the right type of loyalty is one of those traits that can make a man irresistible.

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