How To Do Looksmaxxing as a Man

How To Do Looksmaxxing as a Man
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How To Looksmaxx (maximize your attraction and looks) as a Man

You are sick and tired of being single, alone, and not getting any attention from women. You’ve finally said “fu*k this, I’m ready to do some looksmaxxing and get me a hot girlfriend.” But, you don’t know where to start.

Good for you. Acknowledging your value in the sexual marketplace is a great first step. Lots of men go through their entire lives thinking their garbage personalities and terrible aesthetics are no issue at all. You’re already ahead of the curve because of your self-awareness. But how do we cook up a smoking hot plate of looksmaxxing so you start getting more women? Let’s dive right in.

Get Lean AF

This is the first step, the hardest step, and the most important step. Get lean AF. Big bloated muscles are okay but not completely attractive. You don’t want to be seen as a “juicehead.” A massive belly is definitely not attractive either. Neither is skinny fit. If you want to looksmaxx, you have to lean out.

You want a somewhat chisled face, flat stomach, some muscle definition, and most importantly, you want to look good in clothes. Getting lean will do that.

How do you get lean? There’s a million programs out there but to really simplify it, take your bodyweight and multiply it by 10. Let’s say you weigh 190. 190 x 10 = 1,900. That’s the most amount of calories you can eat per day before gaining weight. Lift weights 3x per week, walk 20,000 steps per day, eat a good amount of protein, and do not exceed 1,900 calories per day. This is how you’ll lean out in no time.

Whiten Your Teeth

All scientists and statisticians agree if you want to looksmaxx, you must whiten your teeth. Kidding, these nerds don’t study the fine art of looksmaxxing but if they did, I’m sure they’ll bring up teeth.

If you got some busted teeth, get yourself some veneers. Go into debt if you have to. Horrible teeth will kill the vibe with women.

If your teeth aren’t messed up but are just really yellow, invest into several whitening products. Whitening mouthwash, whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and so on. Go all in on whitening your teeth. Also, get that plaque removed. That means you need to hit up the dentist 1-2x per year and floss daily.

And once you whiten, you still need to maintain it by not doing things that stain your teeth, and touching up with all the previous devices a few times a year. Some of the major staining comes from red wine, coffee, tea, and smoking. If you are an avid coffee and tea drinker then do it with a straw. Opt for iced coffee and tea, or have them hot with a straw. The solution to red wine and smoking is easier - don’t do it, or do it on very rare occasions.

Wear a Good Fragrance

Smelling good is a must if you want to looksmaxx. Invest into 1-2 high quality niche fragrances. Can you go for the Dior Savauge or Bleu De Chanel’s of the world? You can but everyone wears them and women you’ll date have smelled these scents many times on other guys.. Still, both are good beginner fragrances if you wear nothing at all now. But if you have the money, I recommend investing into a niche fragrance. Most dudes will not be wearing niche perfumery.

And who makes good niche perfumery? Parfums De Marly, Initio, Nishane, and Tom Ford (this is a designer company but they make niche quality.) Get a fresh fragrance and a sweeter darker fragrance. Niche perfumery will likely run you $200-$400 but it’s worth the investment to smell like a million bucks.

Get a Haircut At Least 2x Per Month

You need to rock a fresh haircut at all times. But if that’s hard, at a minimum, have a nice haircut when you’re going somewhere important.

Before you get a random haircut, recognize what your head shape is truly like, and figure out what kind of cut would work best on you. Now, if your hairline is receding or you have bald spots all over, no haircut is needed. Just shave the whole damn thing off and become the alpha bald chad that you were meant to be (find out here if women find bald men attractive.) But if you are lucky enough to have a full head of hair and you can style it in many different ways, give this area some thought.

Maybe the Patrick Bateman slick back look is for you, or a side part haircut perhaps. Figure out what works best for you.You may even need to A/B test this. Start with one haircut for a few months and switch over to another. See what the ladies like more.


Looksmaxxing is not easy. Don’t get it twisted. It costs some money and a lot of time. But most men can have a major transformation within 6-12 months. Remember the key areas to looksmaxxing: get lean, fix your teeth, wear a nice fragrance, and sport a solid haircut.

Is there more to this? Of course. Wardrobe, skincare routines, leveling up your car and where you live, refining your persona and how you talk to women. All that other stuff matters too. But for now, if you’re starting from scratch, just start with this list and keep improving yourself from here.

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