Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive?

March 6, 2023
Do Women Find Bald Men Attractive?
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Getting More Women as a Bald Guy

Can you be bald and get hot women? YES.

Women can definitely find bald men attractive. There are a ton of ladies who have an attraction for guys with shaved heads. It’s never fun to find your boyfriend's long, black hair swimming in your cereal in the morning. Or seeing his hair tangled up in the brush solely designated for your long wavy hair. Such predicaments will never be an issue with bald guys.

Some women absolutely love seeing that exfoliated shiny scalp of a bald man glistening in the sunlight like a pot of gold.

But what if you’re a balding man? That’s a different story. If you’re holding on to the last 40 strands of hair randomly scattered all over your head thinking that it’s even close to emulating Patrick Bateman's slick back hairdo, you’re wrong.

A balding head is almost always unattractive. Exceptions do exist but generally, drastic measures need to be taken.

Here’s a disclaimer for the bald guys out there - you are at a disadvantage with a good chunk of the female population.

The same way a short guy is at a disadvantage, so are you with the non-bald-loving females out there. That’s why you’ll need to learn how to compensate.

What does the ideal male body look like? Tall, lean, head full of hair, and broad shoulders. Anyone not checking all these boxes has to make up for the department that they’re lacking in.

Relax. 95% of men are dealing with some kind of deficiency. The key is awareness. Knowing you have to make up in some areas is how you’ll become a top-tier bald man. Let’s get right into what a bald guy needs to do to attract more women.

How To Be An Attractive Bald Guy

When a girl says she’s into bald guys, she’s not referring to a 350-pound slob.

She’s picturing the best of the best when it comes to the bald men out there.

Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, The Rock, Billy Zane, Jason Statham, etc.

And what do all of these guys have in common?

At their peak of attractiveness, they are all in solid shape.

A guy with a head full of awesome hair? He can probably get away with being in bad shape to an extent.

But a bald guy? You have to do everything in your power to drop your body fat percentage to a healthy level and increase your muscle mass.

Bald men, like all men, come in different shapes and sizes.

Not everyone can physically transform themselves into the same frame as Jason Statham.

Figure out what kind of body type would best suit you. Maybe you’re better off looking like Jocko Willink as opposed to the thin Stanely Tucci. That’s a conclusion you’ll need to come to on your own.

But the bottom line is this - either be thin, lean, and athletic looking, or jacked. Do not go for the muscle-less dad bod as a bald guy or plain old fat. I’m not trying to body shame. I just want you to maximize your attractiveness.

Knowing some game is also a crucial element to attracting a woman as a bald guy. Check out this blog post on how to build up sexual tension. Once you've developed yourself physically, understanding the right buttons to push with a woman is an important aspect to creating attraction.

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Another Tip For Bald Men: Show Contrast

It’s actually not that easy to have a bald head AND a clean-shaven face. You do not want to resemble Neo in The Matrix after he’s sucked out of the pod looking all slimy and newborn-like.

This is why having some facial hair is always a good idea. The 5 o’clock shadow works, as well as a full beard. If you want to go with a mustache, that could work too. Mareux is a good example where a mustache enhances his look:

bald guy mustache

This isn’t complicated.

Be in shape and have some facial hair. That’s really the best way to maximize your look as a bald guy.

I would also add that you should have immaculate skin. Make sure you’re keeping your skin moisturized and your scalp looking good.

Style Tips For Bald Men That Will Make You Stand Out

Black seems to work very well on bald men in my opinion.

It might have to do again with the power of contrast. The way a beard adds more detail to an otherwise boring bald head, black clothes could very well be doing the same.

Lighter tones blend in way too match with your bald head if you’re fair skinned. So, for the caucasian men, stick to darker clothes. If you’re on the darker side, both dark and light clothing will work on you.

Stay away from too much color. Leave the purple and red and teal sweatshirts on the rack. Stick to black, grey, navy green, and navy blue. White can definitely work if you have a dark layer over it like a bomber jacket.

Should You Be Depressed as a Bald Guy?

Hell no. You’re saving a ton of money on haircuts and hair products.

Imagine having to put on gel, brush your hair, or get a haircut every two weeks. Time is being saved as a bald man.

What if you’re slowly losing your hair? Should you let the melancholy set in?

Definitely not. But you need to plan ahead.

If you’re beginning to realize you only have 1-2 years left of having decent hair, start preparing to shift to the bald life. This means if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, slim down. If your skin is really dry or you’re dealing with acne, get that cleared up right away. Maximize the attractiveness for the rest of you.

And if that receding hairline or bald spot is accelerating faster than expected, screw it … shave it all off. Have people start getting used to the new bald you.

The Obvious Things Bald Men Need To Do

It should go without saying that if you are doing decent financially, have confidence in yourself, and know some level of game, you’ll do well as a bald guy when it comes to attracting women. Knowing how to be a bad boy also doesn't hurt.

Most women won’t even realize you’re bald once they get to know you. Even if a girl doesn’t necessarily like the bald look, if you have the rest of your life in order, she’ll want you.

This is why you need to focus on what’s actually in your control.

  1. Style and fitness (which results in confidence)
  2. Communication skills (which affects your game)
  3. Your career (which is the great equalizer)

These three things should be on a man’s agenda every single day regardless if he’s bald, short, ugly, has a small ****, and whatever other deficiencies he thinks he’s dealing with.

Women want to feel safe, secure, but also be entertained. If you can provide all of the above, she’ll love you regardless of your “flaws.”

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